L O A D I N G . . .


In Scotland, mountains meet water everywhere. Soft mist nestles over rocky formations. Rain tumbles down from a sunset sky. Creeks, lochs, and slender streams meander through the landscape, as though each of them has a story to tell on a journey to an ocean vast and eternal. The mountain rock is blown bare by harsh winds and exposed to chilling temperatures. In Scotland, elements of nature have epically carved and shaped the land; however, this is a metamorphosis not only of magnificent scale, but of ordinary scale as well. Within the landscape, there are signs of human living, not of solely human visitation, and of a truly harmonious living together alongside the land. It is like everyday life. Both the people and the land experience the natural elements together.

In her Scotland series, Adele Schwab explores the use of soft but bold colors combined with subtly composed shapes to emphasize the expressive allure of the scottish landscape. She says, “The colors and lack of vegetation are elements so unique to Scotland, that’s what I love about this northern land. You truly feel the weather here: the fog, the rain. The bare landscape leaves one exposed to all the elements.” Adele's Scotland series is one of a series of works on landscapes. Her landscapes elicit a wanderlust, and the concept of the journey is very much at the center of her work. Often traveling for her landscape photography, her images are not of the magnificent monuments, but of the everyday views of beautiful places. In addition to this, Adele's landscapes capture the underrepresented yet everyday interactions human beings have with nature. "We are both part of the natural world, but nature is also part of us", she says, "with my work I am interested to capture this interrelation".


Volt-Gallé Group Exhibition | BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA | May 2018