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Global Climate Change.
A FUTURE Under Control?

When we think of the future, we combine our existing perception of the present with our experiences from the past to project a vision for a future, and somewhere in this fluid evolution we have some control over a future as it materialises before us — or at least, we hope so.

But can the future be controlled, or is it destined to be?

To better examine the future and answer this question, we can think of a different kind of “far off” future… a “future future” that may be predicted from the perceptions to come of a “future present” combined with lessons of a “future past”. In this age of rapid growth and change, it is more important than ever to think about the future in this way, such that we may have some ability to either control it or to be prepared for it. Recent unprecedented rapid technological changes make the future difficult to predict.

In this exhibition photographic works are shown of a future state where there are signs of humans everywhere, yet no humans are to be found. This can be interpreted in either the literal or the figurative sense. Strong compositions and empty landscapes echo the constant high energy flow of our technical realm and the onimous predictions of global warming.

The artists asks us to make use of this church space to reflect on our ability to control the future versus follow a destiny. What is the difference between control and destiny? Is this our destiny, or are we in control?


Solo Exhibition, part of 48 Stunden Neukölln Arts Festival | St. Clara Church, Briestrasse 13 | BERLIN | June 14 - 16 2019

Why did they design everything so beautifully? They certainly had to have had a certain passion for Life. You can see that, you can feel that — From where did this passion come? What had to have happened for that to have happened?

... And how was it destroyed?

Where have all the people gone? I could have sworn they were here just five minutes ago...

Does somebody have the time?

We don’t know where the snow came from. We don’t know what to do with it. Snow covers the land.

And there is ocean where there was no ocean before.

A massive change to the environment has been predicted by scientists. Either the science is wrong,
or the science is wrong ...