Centered on concepts of “Beauty & the Ephemeral”, new works are presented – developed in the one year seminar of Sven Marquardt at the Ostkreuzschule. The perception of beauty connected with the concept of time is analyzed from multiple facets: from looking back upon the past – to flashing forward into the future. On the one hand, there is the attempt to capture the futile moment via photographic means, and on the other a fascination for the eternal cycle of nature. Within the search for beauty in transience, there is also an awareness that "Mind and body, as flesh and soul, take parallel developments, sometimes diverging entirely and irreconcilably from one another.”

Our seminar appears as part of the movie documentary SCHÖNHEIT & VERGÄNGLICHKEIT by Annekatrin Hendel. A fascinating film about Sven Marquardt and this cultural revolution.
>>Trailer to the Film
Winner of the Heiner-Carow Prize at Berlinale Film Festival 2019